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73 Minutes
About the Program

True stories about encountering the unexpected.

Director: Nathan Truesdell | USA / 2016 / 6 min
Cleveland attempts to overcome its nickname, “The Mistake by the Lake,” by launching a bunch of balloons.

Raj and the Rebellion
Director: Nathan Reich | USA / 2017 / 6 min
A filmmaker sets out to understand the world of live-action role play through the eyes of a teenage boy and discovers things are more complicated than expected.

Gut Hack
Director: Mario Furloni | USA / 2017 / 12 min
A bio-hacker seeks to cure himself of digestive issues by swapping his microbiome with a donor’s using a controversial technique.

Director: Zoe Garcia | Cuba / 2016 / 15 min
Explore everyday life in the Havana park where the first Wi-Fi system allowing Cubans to access the Internet was installed.

Bedside Manner
Director: Corinne Botz | USA / 2016 / 18 min
Actors are used to train student doctors, offering a look at empathy in medicine. Neurologist Alice Flaherty plays both doctor and patient.


Ten Meter Tower
Directors: Maximilien Van Aertryck, Axel Danielson | Sweden / 2016 / 16 min
Individuals must choose whether to jump or climb down a 33-foot diving tower in this entertaining study of people in a vulnerable position.

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