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When Two Worlds Collide

About the Film

Telling an epic story filmed over eight years, this Sundance Film Festival Special Jury Award winner reveals the battle waged between indigenous Amazonian leaders, resolute in protecting their land, and Peru's president, eager to develop his nation through the exploitation of its natural resources—no matter the cost. Once President Alan García modifies laws that had previously safeguarded Peru’s Amazon rainforests, the stage is set for foreign companies to invest in logging and mineral exploration. The indigenous community, led by Alberto Pizango, responds in a protest that escalates to take on national and, eventually, global significance.

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Film Information

Section Feature Film
Type Documentary
Length 103 min
Year 2016
Language Spanish
Country Peru
Links Website

Creative Team

Director Heidi Brandenburg Sierralta,  
Matthew Orzel
Producer Taira Akbar
Editor Carla Gutierrez
Composer H. Scott Salinas

Screening Information

Ticket Price $15.00

Date 06/23, 2:00PM
Venue Bennett Hall
Address 62 Centre Street

Date 06/26, 8:30AM
Venue Dreamland Studio
Address 17 South Water Street