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About the Program

Some of the best in contemporary animation. Suitable for ages 12 and up. | 89 min

Fox and the Whale
Writer/Director: Robin Joseph | Canada / 2016 / 11 min

A curious fox goes in search of an elusive whale.

Writers: Malin Ahlin, Hans Åke Gabrielsson | Director: Nima Yousefi | Sweden / 2016 / 12 min
Wolves living in a magical forest love the moon so much, they decide to join her.

Li. le
Writer/Director: Natia Nikolashvili | Georgia / 2017 / 10 min
In a forest, a young girl and her reindeer friend encounter another world.

The March of the Little Match Girl
Writers/Directors: Anne Baillod, Jean Faravel | Switzerland-France / 2016 / 10 min
Adapted from the Hans Christian Andersen fable, this is the tale of a young merchant who tries to sell matches but ends up burning them all.

Writers/Directors: Laura Naylor, Kristen Kee | USA / 2016 / 11 min
In a re-imagining of a Melville classic, an unassuming Wall Street lawyer finds himself beset by a new employee, Bartleby, who refuses to work.

Writer/Director: Bastiaan Schravendeel | Netherlands / 2017 / 6 min
After 19-year old Esra misses her train, she kills time playing a flashy game on her smartphone, but a vintage Rubik’s Cube vies for her attention.

Bullet Time
Writer/Director: Frodo Kuipers | Writers: Merlijn Passier, Rudi Brekelmans | Netherlands / 2016 / 6 min
Two bullets fall in love, mid-air, en route to their targets.

Spring Jam
Writer/Director: Ned Wenlock | Writer: Christopher Brandon | New Zealand / 2016 / 6 min
The lone stag in a musical forest lacks a certain something to power his instrument.

A Love Story
Writer/Director: Anushka Kishani Naanayakkara | Writer: Elena Ruscombe-King | UK / 2016 / 7 min
A composed love affair in stop-motion is set to music.

Fish Witch
Writer/Director: Adrienne Dowling | Writers: Jenna Jovi, Hélène Sifre | UK / 2016 / 10 min
A broken-hearted witch hauls in a merman while fishing and he falls in love with her, releasing her broken heart.

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Film Information

Section Short Film
Type Animated
Length 89 min

Screening Information

Ticket Price $15.00

Date 06/25, 9:00AM
Venue Bennett Hall
Address 62 Centre Street