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After Auschwitz: The Stories of Six Women Purchase Tickets

Director: Jon Kean | Producer: Jon Kean  | Editor: Anne Stein  | Composer: Laura Hall  | Cinematographer: Mark Mervis | USA, Poland / 2017 / 82 min / Documentary

Jon Kean in attendance.

About the Film

Jon Kean's Swimming in Auschwitz (NFF 2007) related the stories of six European women who faced the horrors of the Third Reich but managed to survive. His follow-up focuses on these same courageous Holocaust survivors, who detail what happened after they were liberated from Auschwitz-Birkenau in January 1945. With no homes or families left in Europe, they forged a new path, emigrating to America to begin anew, and eventually confronting the tragic past they long kept buried.

About the Filmmaker

Jon Kean made his film debut in 1999 as the writer/director of the comedy Kill the Man, starring Luke Wilson and Joshua Molina. In 2007 he released the critically acclaimed documentary film Swimming in Auschwitz, which serves as a prequel to After Auschwitz, following the same six women both before and during the war. He is currently working on two new documentaries, including Mythical Creatures, a groundbreaking visual documentary about Los Angeles artist Gary Baseman.

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Film Information

Section Feature Film
Type Documentary
Links Trailer

Screening Information

Ticket Price $15.00

Date 06/24, 11:15AM
Venue Bennett Hall
Address 62 Centre Street

Date 06/25, 1:15PM
Venue Bennett Hall
Address 62 Centre Street