Don't Think Twice

About the Film

The Commune, a close-knit New York City-based comedy troupe, lives and breathes improv, but making a living at it is proving increasingly difficult. Just as the six friends learn they're in jeopardy of losing their performance space, one of their own, Jack (Keegan-Michael Key, Key and Peele), gets his big break, impressing at an audition for the biggest sketch comedy show on television, Weekend Live. As Jack’s star rises, the other group members, including his girlfriend Sam (Gillian Jacobs, Community) and troupe founder Miles (Mike Birbiglia), confront the realities of success and failure in the competitive world of comedy. They cycle through happiness for their friend to envy, opportunism, and eventually resentment. Birbiglia, whose Sleepwalk With Me was a Centerpiece Film at the 2012 Festival, returns with this funny and bittersweet look at the sometimes serious side of show business and its impact on real-life relationships.

Mike Birbiglia in attendance.

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