Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change my Password?

To change your password, complete the following steps on the My Account page:

  1. Enter your current password in the Current Password text box.
  2. Enter your new password in the New Password text box. 
  • Tip: Passwords are case-sensitive (meaning that PASSWORD, PaSsWoRd and password are not the same). Your new password may be required to have a certain number of characters, upper and/or lower case letters, a number, and/or a symbol. If your password does not meet the requirements, you will receive an error telling you what is missing.
      3. Confirm your new password by typing it again in the Re-type New Password text box.
      4. To put your new password into effect, click the Change Password button.

What if I forgot my Password?

If you can't remember your login password Click Here (or Click on the “Forgot your password?” link at the side of the screen) and complete the following:

  1. Please enter and confirm your Email Address.
  2. Click on the Recover Password button.
  3. Your password will be reset with a temporary password and emailed to you.
  4. The Email address will be the same one your confirmed in Step 1.
  5. The Email should arrive within (5) minutes, if it does not please check your Spam/Junk email folders.
  6. An email will arrive with your temporary password. 
  7. Login using your user name(Email) and the temporary password proved. (PLEASE NOTE: Do NOT copy and paste the temporary password. Please be sure the manually type in the password with no extra spaces included.
  8. Once you log in with your temporary password, you will be prompted to create your own unique password which you can remember more easily. 

If you have any questions or need assistance call Ticket Central from Noon - 8pm daily at 212-279-4200.  We're here to help.

Don’t see the answer you’re looking for? Give us a call.

If you have any questions that aren’t listed here you can always call us at (212) 279-4200 between Noon – 8pm and one of our representatives will be happy to help with all of your ticketing needs!
I don’t remember my username. How can I figure out my username?
If you have already created an account with Ticket Central and cannot remember your username, one of our phone representatives would be more than happy to assist you in recovering your username. Please contact us at (212)-279-4200 between noon and 8pm daily.
I require accessible seating. How can I book my tickets?
Customers who require accessible seating can book their tickets both online or over the phone. Accessible seating is marked on our seating maps in the legend on the right hand side of the screen, or when you hover over an eligible seat on the map. Within a week of your booking you might receive a phone call from a Ticket Central representative who will inquire as to how we can best accommodate your needs when you arrive for your booked performance.
What is the running time? Who is in the show? Where is the performance space? Is there an intermission?
You can find the answers to all these questions and more by selecting the show you would like to know more about on our website. You can see the list of shows playing from the Shows A-Z drop-down menu at the top of our site, from the list of shows at the bottom of our site, or by typing the show title into the search box on the top-right of the screen.
How many seats are in the audience? Where is the most legroom in the audience?
Seating charts are available on the show page for most productions either on the left hand side of the page, or once you click “buy” and begin to reserve your seat. 
Are there any good restaurants or parking nearby? 
For any show where we have information on nearby dining or parking you will find a link to the information on the show’s page, on the left side of the screen.
I want to purchase my tickets in cash. How can I do this?
Ticket Central’s walk-up box office location is inside of Playwrights Horizons at 416 W 42nd Street, 10036, and is open between noon and 8pm daily.
I want to reserve a ticket now, and pay for it later when I come to the box office. Can I do this?
No, we cannot reserve seats without payment.
I missed my performance and still want to see the show, can I exchange my ticket?
We cannot exchange your ticket after the fact, but many producers will allow customers to “post-date” their tickets on a space available basis. The best way to have this policy explained for your specific needs is to please contact us at (212)-279-4200 between noon and 8pm.
Can I get a refund if I decide I no longer want my tickets?
Unless otherwise stated, there are absolutely no returns once a ticket, subscription, membership or merchandise is purchased. Please examine your selection carefully before completing the transaction to confirm that you are requesting the item or performance that you are interested in.