Final Analysis - Post Performance Discussions


Aug 28 -  A Focus on Mahler at a time of rising anti-Semitism Mahler conducted the first uncut version of Wagner’s “The Ring”, performed on August 24-27 to rave reviews.  A celebration of the genius and the man.

Sept 11 -   Explore the hatefulness of man – On the 12th Anniversary of one of the darkest moments in our recent history, this discussion will focus on acts of madness.  In the play we see madness it in the young man whose hate is fueling his actions.   In the hate displayed through anti-Semitic hate speech. On 9/11 we saw the outcome of hateful actions.  Is the madness and hate of the young misfit fueled by his feeling of being an outsider and was that the driving force that darkened our city on that fateful day?  

Sept 25 -    A Focus on Freud -  on September 23rd, the father of modern psychoanalysis committed suicide while living in England.  But what was life like for those intellectuals, like Freud, who found themselves at odds in a hot bed of intolerance.  Where are the voices of reason – the great minds and great thinkers to help us diffuse the current climate of intolerance that we see in action in our very own government.

Within each discussion, we can explore hate and love - look at connections between these two strong emotions then and now – discuss the rise of intolerance and the suclear demarcation between rich and poor – the erosion of the middle class and strong divisions in government…..are all of these warning signs alerting us to change course? so what stops us from taking the actions needed to avoid calamity??