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Director: Linda Goldstein Knowlton | Producer: Katie Flint, Linda Goldstein Knowlton | Editor: Arielle Amsalem, Katie Flint | Composer: Gingger Shankar & William Stanbro | Cinematographer: Clare Major | USA / 2019 / 97 min

Linda Goldstein Knowlton in attendance.

About the Film

Finding that traditional youth organizations aren't directly focusing on the issues facing young girls of color, two moms, Anyavette Martinez and Marilyn Hollinquest, begin their own troop, the Radical Monarchs. Based in Oakland, a city with a long history of social justice movements, this progressive group is more likely to participate in protest marches than in bake sales. This inspiring film follows the founders as they try to expand the organization while contending with the country's growing political divides.

About the Filmmaker
Linda is an Emmy-nominated filmmaker, working in documentary, scripted feature films, as well as TV. Documentaries she has directed or produced have screened at major festivals and theatrically include Code Black, Somewhere Between, and The World According To Sesame Street. Linda began her career producing the award-winning Whale Rider.

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