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Director/Producer/Cinematographer: Lauren Greenfield | Producers: Frank Evers, Wallis Annenberg | Editors: Aaron Wickenden, Michelle Witten, Victor Livingston, Dan Marks | Composer: Jeff Beal | Cinematographer: Robert Chappell, Shana Hagan, Jerry Risius, Lars Skree | USA / 2018 / 106 min

About the Film

In this compelling meld of career retrospective and film essay, Lauren Greenfield offers a meditation on her extensive body of documentary photography and film projects—which has explored youth culture, gender, body image, and affluence—seen through the lens of materialism and its increasing sway on culture and society. Her work reveals a focus on cultivating image over substance, where subjects unable to attain actual wealth instead settle for its trappings. Generation Wealth emerges as a fascinating, cautionary morality tale about our unquenchable desire for more.

About the Filmmaker

Award-winning photographer/filmmaker Lauren Greenfield chronicles youth, gender, and consumerism through monographs (Girl Culture, Fast Forward, THIN) and documentaries (Thin, kids+money, The Queen of Versailles). The Queen of Versailles won her the U.S. Documentary Directing Award at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival, and her Emmy-winning #LikeAGirl video put her at the top of the chart for the 2015 AdAge Awards Report's most awarded director.

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